A Look Back At 2018

Who has time to reflect during the holiday season? Running from Indiana to Illinois back to Kentucky. At one point, I was gift wrapping in the car on the way to the next stop! Needless to say, the holidays passed by just as quickly as the previous year and just now as the dust settles we have a few moments to look back and see how far we have come!  

I love the boutique life! There's no greater gift than the opportunity to work with like minded business owners and provide our customers with quality products and customer service they deserve! That being said...whew...it sure is a ton of work! What was it that Jimmy Dugan said in A League of Their Own..."It's supposed to be hard. It's the hard that makes it great..." or something like that! lol Our first vendor show, I remember hand carrying bags of clothes in the summer heat...or was it in the blistering cold. Honestly, it didn't matter because I was profusely sweating. I'm that chick that carries all of the grocery bags in one trip so as you can image I was not the picture perfect #BoutiqueBoss that you would imagine. Running shorts, Izzie's Graphic Tee and those sneakers that had a serious resemblance to my Dad's mowing shoes. I'd like to tell you that I now strut in the vendor hall in my colorful wedges and perfectly paired sundress, lower my sunnies and point to the movers where things go. But that's seriously not my style. I love digging in.  I'm a doer. I like getting out there and slinging clothing racks and meeting my fellow boutique owners and listening to my customers needs! Each show that we've done, I learn more about my customers and how to create a unique shopping experience without needing a visit to the chiropractor. Our set ups are as smooth as they've ever been and yes...I'm still wearing those shoes. 

To recap in 2018, my loving husband followed me through the foothills of Western Kentucky to the nightlife in Las Vegas WWD Magic Show (trade show) to my hometown Boutique Blvd Show in Effingham, Illinois. He joined me while I found some of my new favorite vendors, met our loyal customers and learned how best to pack jeans without bending the barcode tag. We travel nearly once a month with our little nugget (Parker is nearly 2 now!!) by our side. As a small family business, we have learn how to make the most of the time we have together and use our travel time to catch up with friends and far away family members.

Today is January 3rd and I can't think back on 2018 without excitement whelming up within me. IT'S 2019 BABY!! Our online community is strong, everyday I learn something new about how to engage with my social family and the 2019 Collection...I'm not originally from the south but this is where I want to say Ya'll... then have that long pause with a tilted head looking through my lashes. The 2019 Collection is going to knock your socks off. Shipments are on their way so hold tight and thanks for a great 2018.


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