Dress that Bump in Winter

Just to catch you up...I am currently 7 months pregnant with my first (YAY!) little bundle of joy.  Great you're all caught up :) !  In my first few month, I was obsessively scouring the internet for maternity clothes *GASP*!! After much review, I decided I had two options: 1) embrace the mou mou with the essential drawstring under the chest or 2) follow my fashion passion as I always do :) .  I love the boutique clothing that we offer at Izzie's Boutique and refused to believe that I needed to sacrifice fashion for function! 

I do many of our Facebook posts on IzziesBoutiqueStore (check us out!) and oftentimes I will throw on a new arrival snap a few pic's and post! I honestly allowed about 3 months to pass before I mustered up the courage to try on a top that I absolutely loved for all the world to see! **Queue Music** This is when I broke through the traditional thoughts on how to dress that bump and followed my fashionista heart! I was stunned with the feedback I received and I actually really loved the way the long tunic looked on me. I typically wear a medium and so that's what I tried on! Winter wear is fantastic because many of the fabrics have a little extra give and don't show off some of those extra pounds that are inevitable ;) So for the last few months, I have been rocking dresses and tops with the same cut as the Perfect Long Sleeve Dress, No Apologies Long Sleeve Tunic and Button Me Up Plaid Sweater Tunic! These tops are great because they are extra long being tunics and not restricting...gotta let the little bud room to grow! For bottoms, I am a leggings girl through and through! I do, however, size up and wear plus size leggings which are perfect for me and my 5'9 frame. Ok,ok...I own one pair of maternity jeans and I do love them dearly but that is my one and only maternity wear purchase. Pairing these pants with the waist band up to my bra line with a cute boutique style top makes me feel more like...well like ME! And who else would you want to be ;)

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Stephanie Rogers


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