Holiday Outfits for Every Body

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One of the best parts of the holiday season is that we get to wear special outfits whenever we want. There are so many occasions that require fun clothes, like Christmas parties, friendsgivings, New Year’s Eve, you name it! We are all over special dress-up days, but here at Izzie’s Boutique we are conscious that every body type is different. We believe that’s something to celebrate. So we love to feature clothes for a variety of bodies, including chic small to plus size holiday outfits! In this blog, we’ll talk about some fabulous outfit ideas for holiday parties and more!

Uniquely You

Every single person on this earth is unique. We love that! Since everyone is different, our clothes should be different too. Here are some cool outfit ideas and styles for your unique body:

Comfy Sweaters: We could live in comfy sweaters, couldn’t you? The thing to love about sweaters and sweatshirts and that kind of top is that it doesn’t really matter what your size is. The point of sweaters is to get lost in them and feel super cozy and comfortable. The purpose of them is to be warm, not show off a figure, which is why they make the perfect item for small to plus size holiday outfits. Whether you’re looking to hide angles or curves, you can dress sweaters up or down for a big party out or a quiet night in!

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Jeans Forever: We adore jeans because they look good on absolutely everyone. Thin women rock those skinny jeans and plus size women show off their gorgeous curves. Jeans can complete outfit ideas for holiday parties because they’re just sort of in a supporting role. They complement a pretty blouse for a more elegant party, or they can hold up an ugly sweater at a silly party. Either way, they always work to make you look great!

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Accessories Don’t Have Sizes: No small or plus size holiday outfit, or any holiday outfit for that matter, would be complete without some killer accessories to go along with it. The thing about accessories is that they don’t have sizes. There’s no super skinny necklaces or plus size earrings. Accessories are simply there to help support an outfit, no matter what the body inside it looks like. And you can get totally creative with your accessories around the holidays! Bring on the colors and tinsel and sparkle!

Make This Holiday One to Remember

With our sizes ranging from small to 3XL, Izzie’s Boutique has the best skinny, mid-range, and plus size holiday outfits around! With us, you can feel free to get creative with your outfits to make this holiday one to remember! Speaking of the holidays: need a present for someone special? We have gift cards! Shop today!

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