How To Mix And Match Outfits When Traveling Light

open suitcase with sunglasses and shoes

So you’re going on a trip, huh? That’s super fun! Whether you’re going on a weekend camping getaway or flying somewhere exotic, it’s important to know your packing limit. Don’t worry! It’s not as horrible as it sounds. Izzie’s Boutique is here to help. We have some awesome tips and tricks for cute outfits to put together when traveling light. Keep reading to find out more.

Get Packing!

Bug spray? Check. Maps? Check. Backup plans? Check. What’s missing? Oh, yeah... Packing! This can seem like a super daunting task, but all you have to do is break it down and focus on ways to mix and match outfits for travel. And never forget your face covering... but that’ll go with any outfit.cardigan and jeans

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: There is absolutely nothing wrong with re-wearing an outfit once or twice, especially when traveling. It may sound kind of silly, but reduce, reuse, recycle is a great slogan for packing light and creating easy, cute outfits to put together. Unless your outfit gets decidedly dirty, you can easily get away with a repeat look. This is a simple way to pack.

Get Creative: Let’s be honest: packing light may not be ideal for you. You might be hating that idea. In that case, it’s time to get creative with your packing. Maybe it’s a good time to check out a sale section and stock up on lightweight items, or things you don’t mind getting squished and tossed around. Or you can try using items in unconventional ways, like using a scarf as a camisole. There are tons of creative options.

high rise jeans with sneakersChoose Solid Bottoms: Having the right bottom is the secret to creating cute outfits to put together when traveling. For example, pack jeans. Always pack at least one pair of jeans. You can wear them with absolutely anything and you can reuse them a bunch without worrying about smell or dirt. Not to sound overly dramatic, but having solid bottoms can make or break a trip. If you’re confident about your bottoms, you can mix and match outfits for travel in a breeze. 

Izzie’s Boutique Is The Best Travel Partner

With Izzie’s Boutique, you can forget about the stress of packing and travel — just have a fun time. We’ve got all the tricky stuff covered. Have a specific question about cute outfits to put together for traveling or something else about the site? Feel free to reach out to us via our contact page and we’ll be happy to help. Shop now for fast, free shipping on all orders. Happy packing!

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