How to Refresh Your Closet Each Season

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Well another season has come and gone. Are you tired of your old look? Hoping to spruce up your vibe? We completely understand. Izzie’s Boutique has some amazing tips for pulling off the best closet refresh around! Keep reading to learn more.

Refresh Your Style

Any excuse to go shopping is a good excuse - who’s with us? Whether you need new summer bathing suits or you’re trying to up your winter capsule wardrobe, we are here for you. There are lots of ways to change around your closet without breaking the bank or going too crazy. Check out our tips!

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Pull From Nature: Nothing knows more about the changing seasons than nature. That’s why we think it’s a great idea to pull style ideas from nature itself. In a way, we all do this closet refresh instinctively. We layer on sweaters when it’s cold and wear shorts when it’s hot. But nature also provides us amazing color palette ideas. Have you ever noticed that summer styles are often bursting with color, while fall styles are more rusted and muted? This isn’t an accident. Need an outfit shopping list? Just look outside.

Focus on Statement Pieces: When it comes to redoing your wardrobe, you don’t want to have to start from scratch every season. That would take forever and frankly, be way too expensive four times a year. But if you have a few statement pieces, your closet refresh could revolve around those things and still include new items. You could choose a favorite dress or jacket, or even some versatile accessories to feature all year long! This is helpful because it gives you a place to start that you can easily build upon.

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Donate Old Clothes: Now that you’ve gone through your closet and taken items out of the rotation, you need to do something with them! You can go a number of routes here. You could either put previous season’s clothes into storage bins to pull out later, or if you know you’re never going to wear them again you can donate them. There are tons of secondhand stores that would gladly take your donations to give to someone else. Your closet refresh can be a change for you and a stranger in need.

Shop a New Look

At Izzie’s Boutique, we make it easy to shop for a fresh look all year long. Keep an eye on our New Arrivals page for the latest style trends. Enjoy comfortable and easy to wear clothes with free shipping on all orders. Shop with us for your closet refresh today.

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