Let's Talk Spring! Too soon...?

Hey all! I know we haven't sang our first carol yet and we are already shouting about Spring! I can't help it! I've been keeping my excitement locked up since we started booking out our Spring/Summer assortment 5 months ago! 💖💖💖 Our physical location is right at the cusp of the Lake Between the Lakes and about 5 miles from the nearest Lake Barkley boat dock. We take on a mass amount of tourists at that time and love sharing our warm weather enthusiasm with like minded folks! So needless to say, Spring is our CHRISTMAS! I guess in a way it is fitting that I would bring it up at this time of the year then lol. Right or wrong I'm going to continue on gushing about how to transition into the season as gracefully as Mrs. Claus beach side in her red floral kimono with white trim. 

I took a poll here on what we thought were the best transition pieces you can possibly have in your closet TODAY! 


1) Great Base Layer - Girl, I'm talking about that basic piece you can't live without. It's that top that can be worn all year long. Think Anna Jersey Tunic (available S-XL in a crazy amount of colors. I've tagged just one here for your convenience) or the White Striped 3/4 Sleeve Top (S-3XL). Don't forget about our fabulous V-Neck Tees. Available with a fun slouchy pocket called the Phoenix or just as a plain V-Neck named Valentina. All are great examples because they are lightweight and easy to layer under a vest, cardigan or kimono...which brings me to my next Must Have.

Valentina V-Neck Tee

2) Layering Pieces - Now that you have that fab base layer let's throw something on top to carry you through those chilly mornings! We are currently loving our Olive Vest (S-3XL), Mauve Floral Kimono (S-L...Missy Fit), Popcorn Cardigan (over top our Phoenix V-Neck)

Olive Vest                       Mauve Kimono              Popcorn Cardigan


3) Lightweight and Cozy - Life cannot exist without these two living in perfect harmony. I have a few solid examples that you will want to make note of.  Our Marsala Cozy Cowl Neck (1XL-3XL) is a fantastic transition piece in our plus size assortment! This top can be worn as a slouchy cowl neck or off the shoulder with one of our plus size lace bralettes (available S-3XL). Next lightweight top is one of our newest arrivals the Mint Button Up Top. Looks great with distressed jeans and will be your favorite when paired with those white jeans!

Marsala Cozy Cowl Neck


Mint Button Up Top 

Hope you loved a sneak peek into our Spring New Arrivals and look forward to Spring transition as much as we do!!


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